Webinar: What Parents Are Saying About College Search

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Strategies Following NACAC’s CEPP Modifications

As a new academic year approaches and the next senior search season begins in earnest, now is the time to get your finger on the pulse of what matters most to your student’s biggest influencers — their parents.

In our recent webinar, enrollment strategy expert Pete Colbert released the findings of the 2021–2022 College-Bound Survey: Parent Edition, which features feedback from nearly 1,500 parents from 38 states. Some of the results are eye-opening!

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Watch the webinar recording to gain insights about:

  • Which communication tactics resonate best among parents
  • Which application incentives resonate best among parents
  • Whether most parents would encourage a child to transfer if they received a better offer from a competing school
  • The timing of the college search process and when parents helped their children commit to schools

You’ll also be able to download the full report!

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